Navigate The Crisis - How Small Businesses Can Survive Economic Disruptions

YOCFO Founder and CEO, Jeff Bruno, breaks down the three big areas where small businesses need to focus in times of market volatility. 

3 Focus Areas:
  1. Revenue streams and cost structure
  2. Cash reserve strategies
  3. Strengthen inter-company communications

May this guide serve as a moment of clarity amongst the chaos - download this guide and start moving your business towards a brighter tomorrow.

Download the Guide to Learn How to Protect Your Finances and Survive Future Economic Disruption.

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Empower your leadership team to make the best decisions for growth. We’ll show you how.

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Step 1: Analyze & Assess

Asses the historical successes and challenges of your company to prepare alignment for future goals.

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Step 2: Streamline & Implement

Implement financial controls & technology to streamline processes and improve financial reporting.

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Step 3: Identify & Monitor

Identify key performance indicators to aid in strategic planning and cash management.

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Step 4: Growth Strategy & Planning

Develop a 1-2 year plan for initial growth and longer lens goal planning for future achievements.

Your Outsourced CFO Helps Small Businesses Succeed

Generate clear projections of exactly what you need to do to meet your business’ financial goals
Financial Clarity
Gain access to customized financial models and metrics for better decision making
Create processes and strong financial governance to help you achieve your goals
See clearly how your financial plan is tracking and position your business for growth

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